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Privacy policy


  1. Website - by website is meant www.ProFutbol.pl.
  2. ProFutbol.pl reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. Every customer and user of the ProFutbol.pl website is bound by the current Privacy Policy available on the website.
  3. Any changes introduced do not affect the basic principle: ProFutbol.pl does not sell or disclose to third parties personal or address data of customers / website users.
  4. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, please do not visit the website and do not use the products and services offered by the website

Personal data

  1. When using the website, you may be asked to provide some of your personal data - usually an email address. In the case of order forms, you will be asked to provide full personal data.
  2. Only data that is necessary for the website to work is required. Failure to provide the required data will block the activity they concerned. By providing data, you consent to their processing by ProFutbol.pl in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act.

Explicit Personal Data

  1. Personal data provided on the site when sending comments to articles, forum responses, etc. are not subject to the Privacy Policy. The website cannot protect you against private individuals or companies that will use this data to send you unspecified information.


  1. The website uses cookies, i.e. small text files sent to the user's internet computer identifying him in a way necessary to simplify or cancel a given operation. The condition of cookies is their acceptance by the browser and not removing them from the disk.


  1. ProFutbol.pl publishes financial information based on media reports. All presented data, if they are not officially confirmed by the entities they concern, cannot be taken as 100% reliable, hence ProFutbol.pl is not responsible for them.
  2. The texts and guest entries contained on ProFutbol.pl always agree with the opinions of their authors and the opinions are just there. Opinions expressed by the community in the comments or otherwise do not always match the opinion of the website owner.
  3. ProFutbol.pl does not take responsibility for the content presented on partner websites and posted ads. The buyer should be careful when replying to an ad or sending money. Although the website attaches great importance to the advertisers who publish their ads here are reliable, but can not be responsible for their actions. Address details and offer details of each advertiser can be considered reliable only at the time of publication.

Graphic marks

  1. The logos used on the website belong to their owners, usually the entities representing them (clubs, federations, leagues, etc.). On ProFutbol.pl they were used for informational purposes only.

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