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The world of football has changed. Modern football is not only sport and entertainment, but also business. Clubs are companies that run their business based on economic calculations. Footballers are highly paid employees who are no longer just athletes, but often ambassadors for brands of various products or even icons of pop culture.

Marketing is becoming increasingly important in clubs. Multimillion advertising and television contracts are signed. Turns on increasing sums of money. Successive records of transfer fees and salaries of players are broken. Club owners are becoming more and more cresses from the richest people list in the world. All this adds up to the big global football industry that this site will describe.

ProFutbol.pl is primarily a database of information on all possible financial aspects of football:

  • finances of leagues (revenues, TV rights)
  • revenues, budgets, expenses of clubs
  • transfers and salaries
  • biographies of club owners
  • stadiums (construction, use, etc.)
  • finances of international tournaments
  • sports marketing
  • or what football really is about:

  • Chief editor and website creator:
    Rafał Bednarz

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15 September 2015 (Tuesday)

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